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Chamber Member Bennefits

Friday Forecast - Weekly notice of upcoming events.  Advertising Opportunities are available as inserts or box ads, website, and newspaper promotional advertisements.

1st Dollar a Chamber Open House - Every new business in Sibley is offered a "First Dollar" which extends an invitation to all Chamber businesses to come and welcome them to the community and includes a photo in the Gazette Tribune. Also, all Chamber members are encouraged to sign up for a "Chamber Open House" to celebrate a Grand Opening, remodeling, or relocation. This also includes a photo in the Gazette Tribune.

Promotional literature Distribution - Members can display brochures or other materials in the Chamber office at no cost, giving your business exposure to thousands of residents and visitors who browse through our information center year-round.

Welcome to Sibley Newcomer and Visitor packet - A goodie bag packed with information on our community and Chamber businesses made available to visitors and newcomers to Sibley. Excellent opportunity to put your business at the fingertips of your newest customers.

Special Events - Offer several opportunities to be a business sponsor, having your business name out in the community.

Committee & Task Force Meetings - Participation in committee activities and working with others on major projects and events offers members additional opportunities to meet business & professional people with similar interests. Not to mention an excellent opportunity for your employees to be a representative for your business.

The Chamber receives hundreds of requests each year for recommendations on goods and services to be purchased in Sibley. We refer ONLY Chamber members to newcomers, visitors and residents.

Member Service

Membership Directory - Alphabetical list of all Chamber members . This is NOT available to non-members.

Mailing Labels - Self adhesive labels complete with name, address, and phone numbers of all members, area businesses and community leaders. (small additional fee)

Assistance with Problems - At the Chamber, we may not have every answer, but if we don't, we know who does. We will do our best to assist you in solving any business related problem you may have.

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